Minneapolis, MN - October 19, 2016

After months of everyone claiming to be too busy with real client work to write the press release, Public Works is finally happy to announce the addition of two new employees:  Sam Christian and Brian Slater. Both will work primarily on our Pebbles Cereals and Post Foods accounts, as well as pitching in on the Minnesota Wild, State of Hockey and Lake Monster Brewing. The writer of the release, feeling snubbed by drawing the short straw, was too grumpy to get any comments. From anyone. But here are their bios.


Sam Christian, Creative-  Sam came to Public Works from Space 150. As a social strategist and creative , Sam creates engaging brand content to drive our clients’ businesses. In short, he gets things liked. And shared. And commented on. And clicked on. And shared again. Sam’s social media skills were honed on brands like 3M, Jack Links and Cambria. Sam also subscribes to an always-on strategy for his hair. It always looks really, really good.


Brian Slater, Creative-  Brian is a creative. Pure and simple. With a creative mind and background, he took the road way less traveled to an agency gig. We’re not sure it’s ever been traveled. Starting as an editor, Brian worked his way into becoming a director on national spots for clients like General Mills, Mini and H&R Block. Now, we get Brian’s brain on our side way earlier in the creative process to go along with his post-production skills. In hindsight it would have been cool to offer him the job by saying, “Join the Agency Side” in our best Darth Vader voice. But we didn’t.