Minneapolis agency, Public Works, recently celebrated winning four new pieces of business from pitches over the past month! The current agency of record for Pebbles and Honeycomb Cereals, won three other Post Consumer Brands accounts, Malt-O-Meal, Great Grains and Grape Nuts! Then moving outside the cereal aisle, Public Works also won digital work from E.A Sween Company, the makers of Deli Express Sandwiches! The agency quickly took sides on how many exclamation points the news deserved given how excited they are to add the new clients to their roster. Some logically thought it should be four, since they won four new pieces of business. But the writer at the agency pointed out that one exclamation point would get the point across, and that four seemed excessive. A compromise was reached, and the writer agreed to use four exclamation points spread throughout the first paragraph!

Both Malt-O-Meal and Great Grains work will include, social, digital and broadcast production. Budgets for the brands and the scope of work for Grape Nuts were not disclosed. For Minnesota-based E.A. Sween Company, the makers of Deli Express Sandwiches, Public Works will be building the company’s first-ever consumer-facing website in their 55-year history.

The one-year old agency was glad to put the exclamation point debate behind them, and now has a system in place for possible new business wins. Stay tuned!