In hopes of staving off the eventual decline into disorder that all natural systems are prone to succumb to in the physical world, Public Works is happy announce the arrival of Sarah Maki, our new Project Management and Operations Lead. Within Chaos Theory there is a concept of Spontaneous Order which states that under the right conditions, chaos spontaneously evolves into a lockstep pattern. In a statement, Creative Lead, Derek Bitter, said, “Yeah, that Spontaneity Order thingy? That’s what we think Sarah is going to bring. And we think she might bring donuts to meeting sometimes, too. So that will be good.” Before unraveling the snarl of jobs, numbers and calendars in the randomness of the Public Works server, Sarah was Operations Director at Modern Climate.

Sarah Maki, Project Management and Operations Lead
In a chaotic industry in which we are supposed to break rules, Sarah is a true bringer of order and keeps us all on task and dedicated to the process. A master of calendars, budgets and tiny details, Sarah fights chaos with calm, and has done so her entire career working on such clients as Intel, Jamba Juice and Whole Foods. Naturally, in her family band, she plays the drums. Keeping everyone in line and on rhythm.