Minneapolis agency Public Works can’t contain its giddiness over their new hire, Sam West. In fact, they are so head over heels about the new Account Lead joining the team from Planet Propaganda in Madison, WI, they couldn’t even write a press release. So they sang it. 

Ode to Sam West:
Sam West! Sam West! He really is the best! 
Sam West! Sam West! So keen and sharply dressed
Each day we find a new reason to loooove him! 
And in the sky there is no star aboooove him!  
His account work is spectacular, there is no going back to where we were! Sam West! Sam West! We truly are so blessed! 
His past work is so very very well done
With clients he can always hit a home run! 
He worked with major brands you see, At his former agency
Like Culver’s and so many more we can’t believe he’s at our door! 
He’s Sam Weeeeest!