Public Works pulls a cereal whale out of Breakfast Bay Deftly maneuvering their small but mighty ship through the milky waves of the CPG ocean, the seaworthy crew at Public Works has landed a whopper. Honey Bunches of Oats named Public Works AOR in a small maritime ceremony. The team will handle strategy, creative, broadcast, social for the general market, digital, and deck-swabbing. Reached for comment while on shore leave, Creative Lead Derek Bitter declared “Am I missing something? I guess I don’t get the whole ocean metaphor. I mean, can’t we just say that we’re incredibly excited to be working with a great brand like Honey Bunches of Oats? Not everything has to be a big silly thing all the time.” Added Business Lead Jenny McDowell, on the phone after glancing at the release “Yeah, why are we on a ship? Can you just add that we are honored that Post Consumer Brands continues to find trust in us to partner with them on their biggest brands. I mean we are working on PEBBLES™ Cereal and other brands including Malt-O-Meal®, GREAT GRAINS®, HONEYCOMB® and now HONEY BUNCHES OF OATS®!” Aye aye, Mateys.