Always on the hunt for badass creatives and employees, Public Works hired one this week, Jonathan Schuster. Jonathan has been a badass for about 8 years, badassing at places like Six Speed and Aesthetic Apparatus. Including a stint as badass freelancer at Public Works.  Jonathan earned his badass degree from MCAD before becoming the badass he is today. He’s won badass awards and recognition from badass publications like Communication Arts and Print Magazine. Creative Lead and Public Works Partner, Brian Hurley, expounded on the hiring by saying, “Dude is a total badass.”

In his first interview, Jonathan pulled the badass move of quoting himself by saying, “Half-assing gets you nowhere. Badassing gets you to where the rainbows are made.” Although we had no clue as to what he meant, he hired him on the spot because it sounded so badass.

Jonathan’s badassness will be helping on clients such as Pebbles Cereal, Honey Bunches of Oats, Warner Brothers and State of Hockey.