2nd Swing is all about getting the best do-over you can on your golf clubs, so it only stands to reason that a man named Mulligan would be the golf retailer’s spokesman. In a new series of commercials now airing, Public Works and Don’t Blink introduce the world to Sir Stewart Mulligan, the Patron Saint of Do-Overs. The commercials will air nationally on golf tournaments to tout the Minneapolis-based company’s selection of new and used clubs, their generous buy-back program, and their award-winning club fitting. And now is your chance to tee-off on the spots. Take your best shot. The most creative critique of these ads without resorting to, “you should take a Mulligan on this idea,” wins a free sleeve of used golf balls, signed my Sir Stewart Mulligan, himself. But unlike at 2nd Swing, you only get one crack at it, so make it count.