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Now let’s find out who is really behind the Scooby DOO GOOD campaign that won a Gold Halo Award. Nope, it’s not Old Man Jenkins, owner of the abandoned amusement park– it was Minneapolis agency Public Works all along! The DOO GOOD campaign is a Warner Bros. global initiative that uses Scooby and the Mystery Inc. Gang to inspire kids to make their community a better place. With partners like generationON and BoxLunch, we awarded grants to kids DOO-ing GOOD by taking on issues like the environment, hunger and animal welfare. The social and event-based campaign inspired thousands of hours of community service, raised money to fight hunger and was so successful it inspired the US Postal Service to commission a Scooby-Doo DOO GOOD stamp.

The Halo Awards are North America’s highest honor for corporate social initiatives and cause marketing.  Past and current winners include Google, Microsoft, AT+T and Bank of America. Warner Bros. and the DOO GOOD initiative won Gold in the Experiential Campaign Category.

When reached for comment, arch villain Hunger was quoted as saying about the effectiveness of the DOO GOOD campaign, “We would have gotten away with it, too if weren’t for those meddling kids at Public Works and Warner Bros.” The award was last seen heading West in a blue/green van.