Yabba Dabba DO!  with emphasis on the DO! The vibrant tastes and colors of Pebbles Cereal serve as a catalyst for kids to unleash their creativity. From TV to social to events and the box itself, every engagement celebrates the creativity that comes from rockin’ a bowl of Pebbles.



To kickoff the Yabba Dabba DO! campaign, we borrowed equity from the Flintstones to bring these TV spots to life.


VR Spot

We created the first-to-market 30-second VR commercial for an immersive DO! experience.



To connect the campaign at all touch-points, we used the back of the box as way for kids to start DO!-ing.


Social Content

We continued the idea of Yabba Dabba DO!-ing across all social platforms.



Event Tour

We created a hands on expereince for kids play and DO!