We are a growing group of experienced doers with the driving belief that ideas move business. From strategy to social, from banners to broadcast, we are builders of better who rally around the notion that collaboration is the cornerstone of more memorable work. We put doing right by the brand first. And together, with our partners inside the agency and out, we push ideas, brands and each other to be bigger, better and braver.




Product, recipes, table top—Public Works does it all. We have a wide array of color sweeps and surfaces to make our shots sing. We also offer in-house retouching and color correction services.

Thinking a little bigger? We work with a wide array of freelancers when we need a larger studio or specialized food and prop styling.




When it comes to video and stop-motion content for social, Public Works is a one-stop-shop. Bold, bright, attention grabbing pieces made to stand out amongst the clutter. Movement grabs more impressions than static images, so why not add a little pizazz to your next post?




In addition to photography and stop motion, Public Works also makes eye-catching, thumb-stopping original animations from scratch.  Characters, voices, and original or licensed music all come together to create something spectacular for your brand. 




From recipe videos to raving cereal boxes, we’ve got video production covered. Thanks to our streamlined process and experienced makers, Public Works can shoot, edit, apply graphics and export—all in-house—with incredible turnaround time.


Mom's Best | MOTHER'S DAY


Honeycomb - Come Back